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After the ceremony he began his career at Katch magazine in label of Bakery Music.


After Rise & Fall of Katch and Bakery Music in 2004. Kachain became as freelance photographer in  the line of making and producing Discography's cover with many to artist in Thailand including.

After the cover's moment Kachain Wongleamthong invited by Nitthiohat Sooksuay (Ping-Pong) to be the full time photographer at Days Poet. In charge to create and shooting photograph for A Day & Hamburger magazine.

Since past until nowadays Kacain created and produced fashion set with many international magazine, such as Harper's Bazaar, Wallpaper, Seventeen & Elle magazine.

In present day Kachain Wongleamthong take the position as chief-photographer and supervisor for Hamburger magazine and represent his lifestyle on the social network such as Instagram as "chubbychain" and everyday he still working until the last shuttered in studio got shoot.

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