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A veteran photographer, Chamni started his life as a hippie, who was deeply involved in the music industry, until his free spirit and love for travel took him to Italy where he got an opportunity to study his age old love & photography. Like a true traveler he believes that beauty is all around him, and even when he is not shooting professionally,

he slings his camera around his neck and wanders off into the world, capturing rare intimate moments of his subjects.

Every picture of his seems to tell a story almost like we are glimpsing into their personal lives and space. Capturing subjects beyond the obvious comes naturally to Chamni, and his pictures have a photo journalistic style to them. Yet he transcends the real and commercial world very easly and is equally adept to shooting stunning hair and beauty shots which has earned him a reputation in the industry.


Today Chamni has an extensive volume of personal work including beauty, landscape and documentary which have been the subject of his many exhibitions. His amazing eye for composition has makes him a much sought after photographer.

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